Social Media Kick Start

Energine Marketing’s Social Media Kick Start program is designed to help small businesses learn to manage their social media without being overwhelmed or confused. Kick Start is a three-month program that eases you into social media and teaches you best practices in content, time management, and analytics.

Starting with an overview of social media, the different platform options, and demographics, we will design a plan that meets your needs for your exact target market.

Month One

In the first month, we will cover:
  • How social media is used and what can you expect
  • A basic overview of the most commonly used social media platforms
  • Your client demographics and interests
  • Your social media goals
  • Which social media platforms make sense for your small business
  • How to use the social media platforms you’ve selected (e.g., how often to post, what to post, etc.)
After we develop this strategy, we will set up accounts on two social media platforms. Energine may start posting for you on both social media platforms - depending on which package you select - but the content will be primarily gleaned from outside sources. At this point, we will discuss the various options for creating your own content (blog, video, etc.) and what the benefits are for each. Energine Marketing will not be creating any original content as part of this program, but we will provide guidance to you for creating your own. By the end of the first month, Energine Marketing will compile the strategy we discuss and provide you with a written plan that details your strategy, action items, measurements, and accountability points.

Months Two and Three

In the second and third months, we will focus specifically on one social media platform per month. Each month, we will cover the technical elements of the specific platform we are focusing on, including:  
  • How does the platform work?
  • How do you grow your audience in that platform?
  • How do you log in?
  • How do you make changes and updates to your company information?
  • What kinds of posts can you make?
  • What are extras or apps that you can use to enhance your content?
  During the second and third months, Energine will also teach your how to use free third-party time-management software to schedule posts ahead of time, post to multiple accounts simultaneously, track keywords, and measure engagement.   As you learn how to use each individual social media platform, you will take over posting responsibilities. Energine Marketing will be available, as needed, to help you or answer questions.   By the end of the third month, you will fully understand how social media works, how you can use it, what results you can aim for, how to use each individual platform, and how to measure the results of your social media marketing.

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