One of my clients wrote this great letter about how her company has benefitted from social media. I love client success stories and thought I’d pass them on!

Jennifer’s training led to many of our staff using social media on a regular basis. This is a crucial piece of our communications strategy going forward. Her clear, engaging, and informative training sessions sparked some of our staff (already slightly active in social media) to take their communications to the next level.

Two staff in particular are worth noting–Albert (Consultant) and Brad (VP of Communications). 

Albert is currently our most prolific tweeter. Often tweeting and retweeting up to 10 times a day.  Albert has also blogged for our company blog many times.  Due to the increase in his presence on social media, he has been approached to become a blogger for another organization in our space. This opportunity turned into a content partnership for our organizations. Additionally, Albert was asked to be interviewed on a radio program. He’s entered a virtuous cycle of increased input into social media resulting in increased opportunities for himself and our organization.

Brad is a new addition to our tweeting line-up. But in a very short period of time he has become fluent in the language of Twitter and taken up the mantle with our senior leadership team through example about why social media is so important. He has been re-tweeted by several prominent organizations in our space. He attributes the ease of use of Hootsuite, a product Jennifer provided training on as one of the reasons he’s able to dedicate time and effort to social media on top of his other responsibilities.

–        Jamie Moir, Internet Marketing Manager, Rocky Mountain Institute

I love seeing examples of how my clients use social media to achieve success!