My spouse once compared me to a force of nature because when I decide to do something, whether it’s start a new project for a client or plan a family vacation, I move forward at full speed. What can I say? I’m an energetic person who’s not very good at sitting still. When a friend of mine commented earlier this week on the fact that I was so productive and organized (her words, not mine), I laughed and told her it’s because I’m hyper and don’t sleep.

I was joking, but actually, there’s a relevant marketing point in that. When I started my company, I had no plan in mind. While I knew I wanted to start my own business at some point in the future, getting laid off this year pushed my “someday” plans to the forefront. All of a sudden, I needed to start considering my own branding strategy. One of the key points I always discuss with my clients is to make sure that their brand reflects who they really are.

What does that mean?

A company’s brand should incorporate their culture, their values, and their differentiating factors. What sets them apart? What makes them who they are? What is it about that particular company that is different from every Tom, Dick, and Harry down the road who offers similar services?

For me, as a business owner and as a person, one of the characteristics that people tend to notice pretty quickly is that I’m very high energy. I talk a lot, I’m animated, and I don’t sit still often. I am organized and love creating order from chaos, but once that’s done I honestly expect to move forward. I don’t want to create a pretty outline…and then just stick that outline on a cork board and ignore it. If you don’t take action, that pretty outline is useless. What brings successful results (and profit!) to a company is using that outline to light a fire of activity.

As I started the branding process for my own business, I practiced what I preached to my clients and focused on what makes me different. After a ton of bouncing back and forth with ideas, I settled on Energine—a cross between energy and imagine—something that really speaks to both my personality and my value as a company. I didn’t want my company to provide a marketing strategy that would sit, collecting dust on someone’s desk. I wanted Energine to provide workable solutions for my client’s challenges. Hence the next part of my tag line: creative solutions in action. Not just a document, but a plan that my clients and I could move on and work with to create success.

So here’s the question for the day: what characteristics define your company? When you say your company’s name, what key words pop into your head that are specific to the personality of your company?