Group Consulting – Lift Off! Club

Lift Off! Club - Forward Thinking for Small Business

Every business owner, no matter how small, needs a marketing strategy. Even companies with amazing services or products can fail if they don’t plan properly.

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of very small businesses, whether they’re businesses of one or have several employees.

Unlike some marketing programs that tell you what a marketing plan is and then send you off to work on it alone, Energine works with you, giving you help along the way, so you create exactly the right strategy for your company to Lift Off!

What Do You Get?

  • Collaborative

    You’ve heard the saying two heads are better than one? The group environment provides a safe space to come together to overcome obstacles.


    When you work with different personalities in different industries, you are exposed to ideas that you may never have thought of on your own.


    The group is designed to be a support system for each business owner. If you come up with a challenge during the course of the program, we can help you come up with solutions, right then and there!

  • FUN

    We take the stress or pressure out of working with a group and encourage an environment of support, ideas, and fun. After all, why not enjoy yourself while you plan your business’ success?


The Details

Program Description

The goal of the Lift Off! Club is to leverage the group collective to help small businesses achieve their business growth goals. Participants will develop a marketing strategy that is unique to their business. In the second (optional) phase of the club, businesses will collaborate with each other to be accountable to each other, receive support, focus on their goals, and act.

Dates and Times

Check out our calendar of events, including Lift Off! Club start dates, on our calendar.


The Lift Off! Club meets biweekly for 16 weeks (8 meetings total).


Check our calendar for details.


Four monthly payments of $300. Less than half the cost of one-on-one consulting!

Call today (720-288-0441) to discuss how we can help your small business achieve its goals.