Why Energine?
About the President

Jennifer Whitton, President
Marketing Consultant and Coach

When I was a child, my mom ran an in-home daycare. My friends and I would frequently dress up in my mom’s sewing scraps and put on “plays” or demonstrate our gymnastics prowess for my mom and the other daycare kids. I loved entertaining, making people laugh, and sharing my happiness and excitement with others. I continued this love by acting in theater throughout my junior high and high school years.

As an adult, I love teaching and coaching for many of the same reasons. Small groups of business owners, large classrooms of college students, it doesn’t matter. I love watching eyes light up in understanding or frowns lift as people overcome frustration when they see that light at the end of the tunnel.


When I’m excited, nothing pleases me more than sharing my passion so others can be excited too.

One of my passions is small businesses. Small businesses improve local economy and provide a higher quality of service (and often products) than big box stores. They add personality and character to a community. I chose to leave the industry I’d known and worked in for 10 years to use my MBA and work exclusively with small businesses. I love the dedication, passion—and to a certain degree stubbornness—that small business owners live and breathe every day.

I know this dedication (and, in my case, definitely stubbornness) firsthand. A while back, I had a pretty serious cancer scare that ended in three surgeries and six endoscopies. I was in the hospital for two and a half weeks plus several half days and my total recuperation time off of work was about three months. I closed loops and finished projects before I went out for surgery. Great for not having to work while recuperating, but it also meant that when I came back to work, I had no clients, no projects, and no income.

My experience in rebuilding my business has been challenging beyond words, but I’ve come out stronger, more stubborn (if that’s possible), and with a greater appreciation for the struggle that all small business owners face. I’ve been there, and I’ve used my own techniques to grow and rebuild.

Now I’m even more dedicated to helping others overcome their challenges with marketing. I want my small business clients to stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work and to truly succeed.

So, I’ve combined my natural inclination to share my excitement and entertain others with my marketing expertise to provide a truly unique coaching experience for my clients. I don’t just teach them what marketing they need. I help my clients find marketing solutions that fit with their own passions, interests, and personalities.

I help make marketing just as fun for other small business owners as it is for me!

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The Energine Difference

At Energine Marketing, we work exclusively with small, service businesses. Whether you’re a plumber or an accountant, an interior designer or a massage therapist, if you sell something you do rather than a tangible object, we can help you. We understand that marketing for a service-based business is different from marketing retail or products, and we will use that understanding to help you succeed.

So Why Should You Choose Energine Marketing to Help Your Small Business?

For most service-based small businesses, a good portion of your business likely comes from word-of-mouth. But how do you market yourself to get more of that word spreading? Energine develops practical and creative solutions tailored to your exact needs—and helps you turn those solutions into real outcomes.

Call today (720-288-0441) to discuss how we can help your small business achieve its goals.