I recently did a 10-minute presentation to a referral group I belong to. One of the questions I was asked is “Why would a company need to have a Facebook page if they already have a website?” I thought that was an interesting question because, social media of any kind actually plays an entirely different role in your marketing strategy than your website does.

Your Website

Your website’s purpose is to inform visitors who you are as a business, what services you provide, and how you can help them. It’s where you post content that is interesting to your target market and any upcoming promotions, events, or specials. Your website is also a gateway to bring in business. For some businesses, your website is the way you bring in business.

But for most people, your website is primarily a one-way communication tool. Outside of the occasional blog comments, there really isn’t a lot of interactivity on your basic business website.


Unlike your website, social networking (Facebook, in this case) is about interaction and relationship-building. For a small business owner, particularly one who provides a professional service, a good portion of your revenue comes from repeat business and word of mouth. Social networking is exactly that. Networking.

Like your referral groups, Chambers of Commerce, and professional organizations, social networking is a way to create and nourish relationships with your target market, whether that be your clients and prospects, teaming partners, or referral sources.

Facebook is a way for you to engage with your target market, build a community around a shared interest or passion, and provide added value to the people or businesses who are interested in your services. It’s a way to develop a relationship with your clients and prospects and inrease their know, like, and trust.